How To Choose a Name Seal

1. Choose a Shape

For shorter names, choose square or round. A short name is usually 4 Chinese characters or less. For example, a name like Chris is usually translated with 3 Chinese characters, each mapping to a sound in the name (Ka-ri-s). Longer names, choose rectangle or oval.

square round rectangle oval

2. Don't Forget to Give us the Name You Would Translated on the Seal

In the text box, to the right of the price, enter the name you would like translated into characters.

how to enter name seal name top image
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how to enter name seal name bottom image

3. For square, round, or oval choose a size

For square and round seals, if you do lots of small work (8.5x11) or if you wish to use the seal to accompany a signature on letters or cards that you write, choose S. Otherwise, choose M.

On an oval seal, your size choice determines if the shape of the oval will be symmetrical (choice REGULAR) or asymmetrical (choice IRREGULAR). Rectangular seals have only one size option.

4. Choose a color

When choosing a seal, color refers to whether or not the imprint is positive (characters are depicted with ink) or negative (characters are depicted with white space). Positive seals are easier to stamp and carry less weight in your composition.

positive negative

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