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Plum Blossom painting on our new batch of Single Shuen Paper

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A Brush Painter’s Relationship with Paper New Batches Single Shuen and Dragon Cloud Paper Getting a Jump on Holiday Painting Connection Between Calligraphy and Painting Origins of Painting: Landscape Lesson Celebrate the Seasons with Colored Shuen Papers The Rewards of Being a Painting Mentor New Intro Sets make Great Gifts Dream Journey 2018 OASlife powered by PivotShare

A Brush Painter’s Relationship with Paper

By Evan Yeh

One of the most wonderful and yet potentially scary and frustrating aspects of Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy is that it is, more often than not, done on handmade paper. Not only is the paper handmade but the raw materials and the generations of traditional craftsmen that are responsible for making the paper are being harshly affected by the unstoppable onslaught of modern economic development.

Even if the process happens perfectly, just like wine, you cannot expect different batches of paper to be exactly the same. Experienced brush painters learn to adopt an attitude of openness towards a new batch of paper. The subtlely different ways in which a new batch of paper receives strokes, handles moisture, and shows color can lead an artist in new directions and contribute to artistic and creative growth.

Often times change in materials just like change in life is met with discomfort, judgement and even panic. However, if you collect yourself and focus on your goals, responding and adjusting to the change can lead you in exciting new directions! One thing we can assure you, if OAS is selling a paper, it has desirable qualities and we are aware of what the qualities are. So if you are struggling with paper you’ve purchased from us, reach out to us and we will try our best to help!

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Inspiration Gallery Single Shuen and Dragon Cloud

Here are some examples of simple paintings showing the qualities of our new batches of Single Shuen and Dragon Cloud

Bamboo leaves on Single Shuen: Notice the velvety texture and subtle color variation that are signature characteristics of a quality single shuen.

Bamboo leaves on Dragon Cloud: Notice the drier texture of the paper creating interesting edges and flatter color.

New Batches of Single Shuen and Dragon Cloud Paper

We have new batches of these two popular papers newly in stock!

Single Shuen Paper

P10: $22.40 sale ($28 reg.)

10 Sheets (27”x54”)

details | buy

P10P: $156.00 sale ($195 reg.)

100 Sheets (27”x54”)

details | buy

Single Shuen is the choice of many master artists because of its ability to show the most brilliant color and velvety textures. Newer artists who are still learning to control the moisture of the brush, often shy away from this paper and opt for a more forgiving Double Shuen. Artists who have tried other Single Shuen appreciate that OAS’, by comparison is more durable and more forgiving with moisture. If you’ve ever wanted to try what the masters use, this batch of OAS Single Shuen would be perfect!

Dragon Cloud Paper

P50H: $12.00 sale ($15 reg.)

5 Sheets (55.25”x27.25”)

details | buy

A semi-sized paper that has embedded fibers. You can work wet on wet with this paper so it is great for landscape painting. Its ability to show interesting textures with drier strokes also makes it popular for painting subjects in the Ling-nan style. This particular batch of Dragon Cloud has the ability to should more velvety textures along with drier textures. This is a unique and exciting find!

Misty Mountains on Dragon Cloud: Brush is loaded with darker colors at the tip and using a “lower the boom” technique to fade color.

Camelia Flower on Single Shuen: Notice the color variation and color brilliance and intensity (signature qualities of OAS Single Shuen).

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Autumn leaves on Pistachio Shuen

Getting a Jump on Holiday Painting

By Evan Yeh

We all want to be the kind of people that remember their friends on the holidays with special cards and little holiday paintings. The secret to it is often as simple as starting early. So we here at OAS are doing our part. We are reminding you nice and early and giving you a bunch of possible inspiration sources to express the spirit of the season with your painting.


Multiple Sources of Holiday Inspiration

We have many sources of instruction that can help you decorate the holidays with ink and color! With many subjects and multiple formats, make sure you’re well armed with instruction and inspiration to last the rest of the year!

Season’s Greetings Lesson

Every semester Ning ends with a Holiday subjects class, so his students can use their paintings for cards and gifts. Step by step instructions are delivered for three easy Holiday subjects: Holly, Poinsettia, and Candle.


DV608: Sale $24.95 (reg. $36)

60 minutes

details | buy

Digital Download via OASLife.com

DV608D: Sale $9.95 (reg. $20)

60 minutes

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Seasonal Gems in 108 Flowers Book 4

Among the 27 subjects featured in Ning Yeh’s 108 Flowers Book 4, we have a number of wonderful seasonal and holiday subjects. These include: Pumpkin, Poinsettia, Persimmon, Plum Blossom, Winter Sweet, and Pomegranate

108 Flowers Book 4

BKNY04: $29.95

27 Subjects total

details | buy

Holly and Poinsettia! Two compositions featured in Ning Yeh's Season's Greeting Video.

Season's Greetings Video Lesson available in DVD or Digital Download via OASLife.com.

108 Flowers Book 4 Cover featuring Persimmon plus pictures of Pomengranate and Pumpkin compositions.

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The Connection Between Calligraphy and Painting

By Evan Yeh

Almost all classically trained masters in Asian Painting spend considerable amounts of time writing calligraphy. Many of the largest, most influential Asian cultures share the same historic connection to traditional Chinese characters. The Chinese name for the traditional characters is 繁體 pronounced fán tǐ. The Japanese refer to the historic written language as 漢字 pronounced ‘kanji’ while Koreans using the same characters but pronounced as ‘hanja’.

It is fascinating to note that all three languages are bound by connection to ancient Chinese characters. In this way all three styles of Asian brush painting: Chinese Brush Painting, Japanese Sumi-e or Korean Sumukhwa share the same connection. Whether you share connection to any of these Asian cultures or if you are of a different ethinicity, practicing the art of Calligraphy promises immense rewards.

Because traditional Chinese is a pictographic language, each character can be thought of as a simple painting. Practicing calligraphy not only disciplines your brush, paper and ink technique but it also provides you valuable insights into ideas of Asian cultures and how they are similar or different from the cultures of Europe or the Americas.

Origins of Painting Landscape Lesson

A follow up to one our our most popular lessons. Once again we revisit this innovative format that teaches you how to write simple characters and then walks you through evolving those simple characters into an easy and satisfying painting.

Origins of Painting: Landscape Lesson

GLS041: $6.95 sale $12.99

details | buy

A simple but powerful lesson covering calligraphy for the phrase Landscape and evolving the individual characters of mountain and water into a delightfully easy Landscape and waterfall painting.

Free as a Bird

GLS014: $6.95

details | buy

The original lesson of this type, taking the Chinese character for bird and evolving it in stages to a simple crane painting. If you don’t have it already, it is definitely worth picking up!

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Celebrate the Seasons with Colored Shuen Paper

One of the easiest ways to add a new spark to your painting is to change paper. Colored Shuen Paper is an excellent way to give any subject a new feeling. Play with lighter colors on darker paper or just use the colored paper to give a sense of a different season.

Passion Flower on Khaki Shuen paper. Painting based on lesson in 108 Flowers Book 3.

Colored Shuen Papers

All colors are sold in 5 full sheet packs that are approximately 27”x54”

Khaki Shuen

P04KH: $15.00

Look of fabric when mounted

details | buy

Salmon Shuen

P04PK: $15.00

Unique, earth toned color

details | buy

Pistachio Shuen

P04GP: $15.00

Light green, refreshing

details | buy

Barley Shuen

P04BA: $15.00

Warm yellow

details | buy

Peach Gold Fleck Shuen

S24: $15.00

Very pretty in person

details | buy

Black Shuen

P04BK: $15.00

Striking results with lighter colors

details | buy

Gray Gold Fleck Shuen

P17: $15.00

Beautiful, almost regal

details | buy

New Fallen Snow Shuen

P04SP: $15.00

White Shuen paper with sprayed crystal shapes that stand out when painted over.

details | buy

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The Rewards of Being a Painting Mentor

Evan Yeh

I noticed an interesting phenomenon at the start of the latest cycle of my Father’s Chinese Brush Painting class at Coastline college. I noticed how his more experienced students were actively assisting new students. Those of us who have been painting for a while often take for granted how much we’ve learned about this artform and how foreign these concepts may be to a brand new person. A brand new person has no idea about the types of brushes and paper essential to the artform and may feel tentative or even intimidated by all the new information.

It was so encouraging to see my father’s more experienced students taking new students under their wing and answer questions and helping them build the confidence that they needed to get through the initial discomfort of trying something new. What was surprising about this process was how energizing it was for the more experienced students. Re-experiencing something that is familiar through the eyes of a brand new person can reignite your enthusiasm and creativity! So often my friends who are raising children, point this process out as the most rewarding part of being a parent.

We at OAS have always thought of our business as a big extended family - a worldwide community that is an extension of our own family, the Yeh Family. A critical part of any human community is how welcoming it is to a brand new person. So we’d like to reach out to all of our extended OAS family members in our world-wide community and let you all know how important of a role you can play in introducing this artform to someone else and helping them feel welcome!

You can give the gift of painting to someone you know!

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OAS’ New Intro Sets: Giving the Gift of Painting Has Never Been Easier

As you may have noticed in our last newsletter, OAS introduced a new line of brushes that we are calling the PRE-series brushes. These brushes offer similar performance to our artist quality brushes at much lower prices. Of course, our artist quality brushes are still the best, but if you are on a budget or giving a gift, the PRE-series should make things much easier on the pocket book but still give you the advantages of an OAS Brush. The PRE-brushes have allowed us to revamp some of our kits and offer some very price competitive Introductory kits that are perfect for gift giving!

Intro Brush Painting Set

A single quality brush and an included step-by-step instructional DVD featuring 11 black and white compositions of the most popular subjects of bamboo and orchid!

SETDV601B: $19.99 ($24.99 reg.)

details | buy

Great gift for:

  • People interested in Chinese culture
  • People who like yoga/meditation
  • People who have expressed enthusiasm about your art
  • People who paint in other styles

Intro Calligraphy Set

A single quality brush and an included instruction booklet as well as 100 sheets of practice grid paper.

SET2B: $16.99 ($22.99 reg.)

details | buy

Great gift for:

  • People interested in Chinese culture
  • People who like yoga/meditation
  • People interested in martial arts
  • People who do Western Calligraphy
  • American Born Asians looking to reconnect with culture

Gong bi Fineline Set

Brushes, watercolors and an excellent starter lesson featuring Peony. Everything you need to get started with the most ancient form of Chinese Painting.

SET03: $40.00

details | buy

Great gift for:

  • People interested in Tattoos, Tattoo Art and Tattoo Culture
  • People who like yoga/meditation
  • People who paint in other styles
  • American Born Asians looking to reconnect with culture
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Dream Journey to China 2018 - Space is Limited

Trip Option 1: april 9th through april 22nd

beijing includes the forbidden city & great wall • tunxi includes yellow mountain • shanghai

Trip Option 2: april 13th through april 20th - daily painting sessions

tunxi • yellow mountain

Call OAS at 714-969-4470 or contact us for more information or to reserve your spot!

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OASlife is Growing!

As many of you know, a couple years ago, we launched a new streaming service offering Asian Brush Painting video lessons on demand via the internet. Since then, OASlife has grown tremendously! We now have over 75 video lessons available for on demand streaming and we have been featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the most successful niche video content providers in the U.S.

In celebration, we are happy to announce:

OASlife can now be found at the easy to remember address: OASlife.com ...and...

Monthly subscription for OASlife is now only $9.99!!

Remember, new video lessons are released every month and a free two week trial is available for new members.

Also we are planning 2 new exciting offerings for the near future.

  1. We will organize the video library into easier to find collections by subject groups as well as creating a collection that is a virtual curriculum. This will allow people to structure their use of OASlife like a virtual class.
  2. We plan to film and release live videos of Ning Yeh’s workshops on OASlife! These videos not only will provide Ning’s step-by-step instruction but will also capture the unique energy of Ning’s live classes and be paced perfectly for painting. No more pausing while you paint. Just paint along with Ning and the rest of the class!

Visit OASlife.com and signup for a free two week trial!

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