Happy New Year - Ning Yeh's Rooster Lesson

Ning Yeh's Chinese New Year Rooster Lesson

No. GLS038
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Purpose/Use: Step-by-step Chinese/Sumi-e painting of Rooster
No. of Pages: 4
Language: English
Format: Paper, Booklet
Author/Artist: Ning Yeh

Additional Information:
Paper: Ning reccommends using Premium Double Shuen or Double Shuen AO for animal and birds, but use your favorite Xuan/Shuen





4 pages

OAS brings back one of Ning Yeh's original class lesson on rooster to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year of 2017. This lesson includes a full color page on the finished rooster painting, a diagram that uses arrow to show stroke direction for each stroke of the bird, an introduction by Ning Yeh on "the idea of the rooster", an outline of the recommended materials and step-by-step text notes the nine different steps that make up the anatomy of the rooster. Enjoy!


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