Brush Painting & Sumi-e

Don't have a teacher? Let Emmy award winning artist Ning Yeh be your private tutor with this all inclusive set. Ning walks you through two of the most studied subjects in brush painting and Sumi-e: Bamboo and Orchid. This step-by-step set has everything you need to complete several masterpieces on both bamboo and orchid.

Chinese Brush Painting: The Basic Set

Learning on your own with this set is indeed a "piece of cake".

OAS Chinese Brush Painting Basic Set

SetDV601 Chinese Brush Painting Basics: Orchid and Bamboo Set

Chinese Brush Painting Basics: Orchid & Bamboo Set

Set Includes:
A P03B Practice Shuen: 48- 9¼ x 13¼ sheets of raw shuen paper
B H2E Orchid Bamboo Small
C I14 500K Oil Ink Stick
D I02 Ink Stone with Lid
E BP2 One plate from Blossom Palette Set
F FeltW ¼ White Scotch Guarded Felt
G DV601 Chinese Brush Painting Basics: Orchid & Bamboo 1 hour DVD with step-by-step companion instructional booklet

Baby Steps
Now that you’ve completed some masterpieces in ink, why not expand your knowledge?

Chinese Flower Painting 1: an Introduction

DV101 Introduction

Secrets of Color Loading

Color loading is also crucial to know for painting shapes. OAS’s most valuable resource for color loading and a number of other key techniques is Ning’s Introduction DVD from his Chinese Flower Painting 1 series. It covers step-by-step instructions on color preparation, loading and basic strokes. Color loading is the key to producing the single stroke shapes displaying multiple colors seamlessly blending into one another. Ning walks you through this on DV101-102 Chinese Flower Painting: an Introduction .

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