Learning Chinese Calligraphy and Japanese Kanji on your own is as easy as 1-2-3!

Introduce yourself to the fundamentals of calligraphy with OAS's Calligraphy Set. This set combines quality materials with an effective beginner’s booklet. Get started with the basics and quickly begin to produce meaningful and practical words and phrases. OAS demystifies the learning process of writing calligraphy.

Calligraphy Set

Learning on your own with this set is easy.

Calligraphy Set

Set2 Calligraphy Set

OAS Calligraphy Set

Set Includes:
A P03C Calligraphy Grid Practice Paper
B C2C OAS Flow ®
C I14 500K Oil Ink Stick 
D I02 Ink Stone with Lid 
E BKC01 Calligraphy Booklet by Nicole Camargo, Lingchi Yeh & Jashin Yeh

Learning Calligraphy

In both Chinese and Japanese cultures, the art of calligraphy is considered an endeavor equal to the art of brush painting. In addition to artistic expression, the practice of calligraphy is though to bring good health and increase longevity by exercising the spirit, the mind and the body all at once. The most effective calligraphic artists strive to perfect a symbiosis of form and meaning to express the complete spirit of the characters they depict. Whether paired with painting or persued alone, learning to create calligraphy is fundamental to those interested in Asian Art forms.

Get Started With the Basic 5

Practice the five vital strokes shown to get the feel for movement. Then when you feel a comfortable flow, put them together to write the character "yong" meaning eternity.

Basic 5 Calligraphy Strokes

Baby Steps

Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals, try some more lessons from OAS!

Calligraphy Lessons

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