Fine Line - Gong-bi

OAS gets down to basics with this laborious style of brush painting with a simpler composition in this all inclusive set.


Gong-bi (fine line style) is the meticulous style of Chinese brush painting. Working with sized shuen paper and using bone strokes (developed earlier in calligraphy studies) to draw your painting and then filling the line work with layers and layers of color to acheive different gradations of a single stroke often found in Sumi-e and spontaneous styles of Chinese painting.

Chinese Gong-bi
Set3 Gong-bi "Fine Line" Set

Gong-bi "Fine Line" Set

Set Includes:
A P14B Shimmer Shuen 6- 8½ x 11" sample sheets
B H1F one Red Feather Small
C S1B three Fine Soft Small
D I15 Sample Bottle of Japanese Sumi-e Ink for Fine Line
E CS01 Maries Chinese Watercolor Set
F CW80 Mini Pie Dish
G BP2 one half of a Blossom Palette
H WSF001 Gong-bi "Fine Line" Lesson: Peony

This all inclusive set has been favored by many first-timers in Chinese brush painting and Sumi-e. Everything is included to create a peony masterpiece and the step-by-step guide has beginners producing immediately.

Inspired to do more? OAS takes this laborious style and gets down to basics with simpler compositions making one feel immediate accomplishment!

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