Ink Sticks

Ink Sticks

Traditionally, ink is made by grinding an ink stick made from pine soot or oil in water against a stone, also known as a slate, using circular motions of your hand and arm. The Japanese then perfected the bottled ink, which makes ink convenient and easy to use. Traditionalists frown on the bottled ink as it takes away the essence of this ancient art form.

It's a "toss up" between making your own ink with stick and stone or using bottled ink. OAS has customers who love the tranquility and centering of the mind and body as they grind the ink stick to a piece of slate for several minutes as they meditate to get into the mindset to paint or write. In class, other students around them enjoy the convenience of the instant pour, enabling them to start right away with their practice.

Whether you like the convenience or the meditative process, OAS offers some of the best and most popular inks for both.

Here you will find what OAS carries in a variety of different sticks each possessing different characteristics uniquely their own.

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