OAS Name Seal

OAS Name Seal

Learn How to Choose Your Name Seal

OAS's Name Seals are custom carved by an artist in China. Traditionally, the seal is used to authenticate paintings or correspondence, it acts as a signature. Therefore, if you are looking for a traditional seal, the name on the seal should reflect the name you would use to sign your paintings or letters. However, plenty of our customers have broken the mold and gotten custom seals with specific phrases or characters, for their own personal and artistic endeavors!

Because these seals are made overseas and shipped to OAS, our policy is to place orders with our carver in batches. This means from the time you place your order for a seal, it may take anywhere from 4-10 weeks for your seal to reach you. We know that customers are anxious to receive such a special item, so if you place an order for a Name Seal, feel free to check in with us from time to time to see where we are on our seal order process, and when you can expect your seal to arrive.

Note: If you order a seal with other items, we will ship the other items separately unless otherwise specified. An additional shipping charge is automatically added on these orders, so there will be no second charge when your seal arrives and is shipped to you. Also, if you have characters or a given name in traditional Kanji, Chinese, please send us an email after your submit your order referencing the confirmed order number so that we can keep it consistent.

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