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Remembering the 100 Sheet Challenge Free Shipping on Featured 100 Full Sheet Packages of Paper Double Shuen Semi-Sized Papers OAS Mini Flow® Brush Countdown to Tokyo 2020 Olympics Ink and Gold Paintings by Ning Yeh Ink Hibiscus with Accents of Gold Go for the Gold" Watercolors

Remembering the 100 Sheet Challenge

By Evan Yeh

Original cover page and participants map from the 100 Sheet Challenge booklet gallery

This has been a time of reunion for the OAS Family. For the first time in over 5 years all members of the Yeh Family are back together in Orange County and collaborating on Oriental Art Supply. This time reminds me of the last time my sister and I were in the same town and primarily focused on Oriental Art Supply. We, as members of the next generation of Yehs, felt a sense of empowerment introducing a novel idea: the 100 Sheet Challenge.

This idea was birthed out of my observation of my Father's process for mastering a new subject. I saw that he would use an entire 100 full sheets of rice paper to initially explore the subject. Given that this is at least 300 full sized compositions (cutting a full sized sheet into 1/3rds), I wondered if people realized how much even a master artist paints to establish a comfort level with a new subject. I suspected very few people even knew about this much less did it on a regular basis.

So we decided to challenge our extended OAS Family to commit to painting through 100 Full Sheets of rice paper on a single subject. For those who purchased the paper and followed through with the challenge, we published their works in a commemorative booklet that was mailed out with one of our quarterly newsletters.

The entire process was incredibly inspiring as we saw many artists embark on the journey of development through 100 Sheets of paper. Many successfully completed the challenge and many more engaged in it enough to experience satisfying growth as artists. Some went as far as to document their process and the stories were gripping, beautiful and motivational.

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Free Shipping on Featured 100 Full Sheet Packages of Paper

Free OAS Choice Shipping Featured Packages of 100 Full Sheets of Paper

Offer good until October 31st, 2019. Free shipping via OAS Choice Shipping Method on orders that include 100 Full Sheet packages of featured paper (Continental U.S.A. only).

Choosing Your 100 Sheets of Paper: Raw Papers

Raw Shuen Paper is the most common iconic paper for Spontaneous style Chinese Brush Painting or Sumi-e and Calligraphy. For the best color intensity, choose Single Shuen, for better moisture control choose one of our Double Shuen papers.

Single Shuen

As important a paper as Single Shuen is we have noticed a strange shift in the single shuen supply. A fairly-priced, quality paper like OAS's Single Shuen has actually become quite rare. The other papers available are usually name-brand designer single shuens which may be of excellent quality but also come with prohibitively high price tags. The other, more common single shuens are cheaper papers which have become so thin and poorly made that they bleed excessively and fall apart with too much moisture or during wet mounting. It took us many months of sampling to find our current batch of Single Shuen and we are quite pleased with its ability to show brilliant colors and velvety texture like a classic, quality single shuen, with predictable moisture handling, all while still being reasonably priced.

100 Sheets of Single Shuen 27"x54"

P10P: $195.00

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10 Sheets of Single Shuen 27"x54"

P10: $28.00

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Lotus Painting on Premium "Jade Plate" Double Shuen

Premium "Jade Plate" Double Shuen

This paper breaks a rule previously thought to be unbreakable. In the past, we always thought that if you needed a paper that was good at handling excess moisture (i.e. doesn't bleed excessively), you had to sacrifice color brilliance. So this means that most papers that are good at handling excess moisture without too much bleeding also are more dull when it comes to showing color. Along comes Premium "Jade Plate" Double Shuen which breaks the rule by being a paper that handles excess moisture elegantly while still showing wonder-ful color brilliance and velvety smooth textures.

100 Sheets Premium 'Jade Plate' Double Shuen 27"x54"

P27P: $320.00

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10 Sheets Premium 'Jade Plate' Double Shuen 27"x54"

P27: $40.00

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Poppy Painting on Double Shuen (SP)

Double Shuen (SP)

Double Shuen (SP) is our "work horse" Double Shuen. This paper is Ning Yeh's favorite paper for Chinese flower painting as it offers superior moisture control when compared to single shuen and shows color quite well for a Double Shuen. It has less moisture control and color vibrancy than Premium "Jade Plate" Double Shuen, but it is a wonderful, less expensive option if an artist likes painting on Double Shuen.

100 Sheets Double Shuen (SP) 27"x54"

P25P: $240.00

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Semi-Sized Papers

Semi-sized papers offer better moisture control than raw papers. Often referred to as mulberry papers, these papers are great for wet-on-wet landscape techniques, Ling-nan style painting or even for Spontaneous style painters that want more moisture control.

Landscape painting by Ning Yeh on Pi Paper

Pi Paper

Pi paper has always been OAS's choice for landscape painting and styles of painting that encourage you to work wet-on-wet. With raw papers like Single Shuen or Premium Double Shuen, they show every stroke and are very difficult to work with for people who are used to painting a stroke and immediately being able to "fix" the stroke or paint on top of the stroke while it is still wet. Pi paper is semi-sized so it partially resists moisture allowing you to do washes and paint overlapping strokes and other techniques that are difficult to do on Raw Shuen Paper. For a semi-sized Paper, Pi paper shows nice colors.

100 Sheets Thin Pi Paper 30"x54"

P11P: $260.00

10 Sheets Thin Pi Paper 30"x54"

P11: $35.00

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Simple landscape painting on Jen Ho

Jen Ho Paper

Jen Ho Paper is a historically revered paper for landscape painting. It has stronger sizing than Pi Paper so it resists moisture more and consequently shows color less vibrantly. However, because of its thickness, colors can be layered to achieve more vibrancy if desired. People like this paper for its durability and thickness that allows it to take multiple washes without stress.

100 Sheets Jen Ho Paper 31.5"x56"

P19P: $210.00

10 Sheets Jen Ho Paper 31.5"x56"

P19: $25.00

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Simple landscape painting on Cotton Paper

Cotton Paper

Cotton paper reacts as if there were traces of sizing. It shows shading and transitions from light to dark well. A Ling-nan school favorite, it can be used as an alternative to shuen paper for spontaneous style artists. Can take washes where needed and can withstand repeated background washes.

100 Sheets Cotton Paper 31.5"x56"

P13P: $168.00

10 Sheets Cotton Paper 31.5"x56"

P13: $24.00

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Abstract landscape on Dragon Cloud Paper

Dragon Cloud Paper

Dragon Cloud Paper is similar to Pi Paper but it has visible white fibers and can be considered a more decorative paper. Dragon Cloud resists excess moisture a bit more than Pi Paper and also has less vibrant display of color.

100 Sheets Dragon Cloud 551/4" x 271/4"

P50P: $240.00

5 Sheets Dragon Cloud 551/4" x 271/4"

P50H: $15.00

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Ink pouring/splashing painting on Ma Paper

Ma Paper

Ma Paper is revered for its durability. It is the most durable paper that we carry that still has characteristics of "rice paper." Durability has made it the preferred paper for people doing fish print/gyotaku or ink/color splash or pouring techniques like Ming Franz. Although Ma paper is technically unsized, it handles moisture and renders color more like a semi-sized paper.

100 Sheets Ma Paper 30"x56"

P06P: $260.00

10 Sheets Ma Paper 30"x56"

P06: $35.00

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Introducing the OAS Mini Flow® Brush

One of our most common customer requests over the years has been for a brush that is a "smaller" Flow brush. Well, patience is a virtue and all the waiting has finally paid off. We've done some initial work with the new Mini Flow Brush and we could not be happier with its quality and versatility.

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Inspiration Alert:
Countdown to Tokyo 2020 "Requiem and Rebirth"

By Evan Yeh

Japanese culture has had a broad influence both historically and in modern times. Above are two picture that show how Japan is using its different cultural icons to promote the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

We are less than a year away from Opening Ceremonies of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. There is a special feeling for OAS when the host country of the Olympics is also an important country in the pantheon of Asian brush arts. Other than China, one can argue that Japan has added more than any other country to the collection of artforms that we refer to as Asian brush arts.

Many of the most iconic names for the various techniques and artforms are Japanese. Although we most often call our artform Chinese Brush Painting, the word Sumi-e, which is the Japanese word for traditional brush ink painting, is a more widely searched term on the internet. The combination brush (like our very popular Flow® Brush line) is a Japanese invention. This is not even counting the artforms like Suminagashi (marbling) or Gyotaku (fish printing) which are uniquely Japanese inventions.

During the Beijing Olympics, China showcased her culture in full pageantry for a worldwide audience. This included brush painting and calligraphy featured in the opening ceremonies. China presented her Olympics under the banner "One World, One Dream".

Looking ahead to 2020, we see Japan preparing the Tokyo Olympics with the theme "Requiem and Rebirth." This theme is intriguing and risky but ripe for artistic exploration. Requiem is defined as a token of honorable remembrance most often associated with someone who has passed. So this Olympics theme cannot be divorced from the emotions of loss, sadness and introspection that often accompany a requiem. This is paired with Rebirth which brings with it clear emotions of optimism, freedom and rejuvenation.

To prime the pump of our collective artistic inspiration, OAS has prepared some example paintings pairing ink with metallic colors. Seeing these simple ink paintings mixed with the color of the medal associated with ultimate Olympic excellence seems like a unique tribute to the promise of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We also have a calligraphy lesson which will teach you how to write the phrase "Requiem and Rebirth."

So we all have some good lead time to mine this inspiration to collectively produce some work that not only is meaningful but should be ripe for presentation just as the eyes of the world focus in on Tokyo for the Opening Ceremonies. Opportunities like this happen only a few times in a millennium.

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Ink and Gold Paintings by Ning Yeh

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Gift Lesson

Ink Hibiscus with Gold Accents

Simply unique ink and gold Hibiscus lesson is accessible to any level of painter while still being very special.

GLS051: $6.95

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Vintage Cut Double Shuen

We've found a vintage batch of double shuen paper pre-cut to a nice size. The ability of the paper to show vibrant color while also giving you the extra moisture control that is typical of a double shuen has made this paper our first choice when it comes to painting flowers.

P25BL Vintage Double Shuen 24 Cut Sheets $24

24 Cut Sheets 13 1/4" X 18"

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"Go for the Gold" Watercolors

Use these shades of gold to mix with ink or other colors to add that metallic sheen to your paintings. For the best quality color go for the Sakura Gold, for a bigger variety of shades try the Gansai Tambi "Starry Colors" Six Color Set.

Sakura Gold 30ml Bottle

WCSK051: $14.99

30ml. of OAS' Premium Choice for metallic gold watercolor. Great on its own or for blending with ink or other colors.

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Gansai Tambi "Starry Colors" Six Pan Gold Set

WCKMSet: $19.95

Great for having a variety of shades of gold. From a deeper bronze gold or a silvery white gold, lots of different options for using on their own, together or blending with other colors.

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Black Licorce Shuen Paper 5 Sheets 27"x54"

P04BK: $15

Striking black paper that shows off lighter or metallic colors wonderfully. Perfect for Halloween inspired art or showing off metallic gold colors or white paint.

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