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Reflecting on OAS through the Decades OAS Workshops 2018 New Year’s Celebrations East Meets West 2018 Year of the Dog Chinese New Year Lessons Fineline and Calligraphy OAS Life Update OAS Best Sellers 2017

Reflecting on OAS through the Decades

By Evan Yeh

New Years is often a time of reflection - appreciating where you have been to properly set your sights on where you will go next. Interestingly enough, my own life journey has given me a front row seat to Oriental Art Supply’s creation and growth.

In the 1970s, as a child, I witnessed my Father daringly taking his family tradition directly to the people demonstrating at the County Fair. In the ‘80s, he made his debut on National television and my mother’s ambition created Oriental Art Supply to get supplies to an audience that was enjoying Chinese Brush Painting for the first time, instructed via television. The ‘90s saw my Father’s artwork redefine the face of an international company in television commercials and publications like the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. His collaboration with an elite Hollywood director and production crew inspired him to self-produce a library of instructional videos as a follow up to the series that he starred in and won an Emmy for in the 1980s. Finally, the new millenium finds OAS connecting a worldwide community of Asian Brush Painting afficianados via social media and streaming my Father’s library of instructional titles on demand via, powered by PivotShare.

In a way, we’ve come so far, but in another way it feels like we are just getting started. With the momentum of modern society increasing, the value offering of OAS has never been stronger. We offer an opportunity to slow down and connect to something ancient that, on the one hand, seems immensely large yet, on the other hand, is also very intimate. In a world of glaring sunlight, we are the ever present moon offering balance, beauty and allure.

The Year 2018 finds the Yeh Family reunited and expanding. To you, the members of our worldwide extended family, we renew an invitation to continue discovering the beautiful word that unfolds when brush, ink, and water meets paper.

新年快樂, 恭喜發財 (Xīn nián kuài lè, Gōngxǐ fācái)

Happy New Year! Happiness and Prosperity!

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Students show off finished landscape paintings after a session of Ning Yeh's Spontaneous style brush painting workshop at OAS.

Call OAS at 714-969-4470 to reserve your spot. Classes are limited to the first 10 people who sign up!

OAS Workshops 2018

We are excited to announce 4 sets of Workshop dates for 2018. The workshop format is typically starting on Wednesday and Thursday with Ling Chi for Calligraphy and Fineline and then following up with three days of spontaneous style brush painting with Ning Yeh.

Please find the workshop dates below. Make sure you register as soon as you can. Sessions almost always sell out.

January 3rd-7th.

May 2nd-6th.

October 17th-21st.

Workshop Schedule and Pricing is as follows:

Calligraphy with Ling Chi
Wednesday: 9:30AM-12:30PM

Fineline with Ling Chi
Thursday: 9:30AM-3:30PM

Spontaneous Style Brush Painting with Ning Yeh
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9:30AM-3:30PM

Teacher Training Workshop:

July 6th-8th
Schedule Available by request

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New Year’s Celebrations East Meets West

By Evan Yeh

The New Year provides an opportunity for us to see how the cultural ideals of the East and the West play themselves out in these important celebrations. As the first person in my family who has deep ties to China and its culture, but born in the United States, I have a unique perspective on growing up Chinese in the U.S. I’ve seen over the years how these two very different cultures intermingle and find balance points.

Iconic American New Year’s celebration in Times Square. If you look closely, you can see a street performer dressed up as the Statue of Liberty counting his tip money. What a country! Photo credit: Venturelli Luca /

The American ideals of individualism, optimism, and hard-work are on display in it’s New Year’s celebration. The celebration itself is quite short. Although many Americans will choose to take their vacation time over the holidays to create a longer break, officially, only New Year’s Day is considered a holiday. Also, American optimism in on display in the practice of New Year’s resolutions. The idea that no matter what has happened, it is possible for you to wipe the slate clean and set new goals for the future, is decidely American and embodied in the New Year’s celebration.

Traditional Chinese New Year’s celebrations, on the other hand, last over two weeks. And many will tell you as recently as five years ago, the whole country would shut down for a month or longer to accomodate families traveling from far away to spend New Year’s together. Each day has both a symbolic purpose as well as traditional activities surrounding the purpose. The most iconic symbols like firecrackers, loud drums, and lion dancers are associated with the expulsion of bad spirits, a common theme in the first day of celebration activities. Also, the lighting of Lanterns on the 15th day of the first calendar month, as well as the gifting of red envelopes from established married couples to younger kids are also persistent symbols of the Chinese New Year celebration.

Dragon dance performers amidst a shower of fireworks in an iconic Chinese New Year celebration. Photo credit PranStockerRoom /

Chinese cultural elements that become embodied in the New Year’s celebration include: the importance of family, the association of food with prosperity, the persistence of superstition, and the honoring of elders. Ironically, as the cultural influence of a more Western lifestyle spreads to China and other parts of Asia, we see the celebrations change. It is now a more common practice in China for professionals to take just a few days off and forego more time intensive family activities in favor of getting away and relaxing from a busy work schedule. Sound familiar?

Regardless of how or when you celebrate the New Year, as a community of artists it is a great time to express the optimism and gratitude associated with the seasons and to set goals for artistic development in the coming year.

What are your goals as an artist?

Perhaps, you would like to indulge and travel to OAS for one of our scheduled worshops in 2018?

Maybe you would like to join our streaming video platform at and commit yourself to a painting habit inspired by the more than 75 titles available on-demand through the service?

Whatever your goals are, we are here to support and encourage you.


Goldfish Gift Lesson Free with Purchase of $50 or more

A popular Chinese New Year symbol, a gold fish represents wealth and prosperity because the actual word in Chinese for fish, in Pinyin: yú, 魚, sounds identical to the word “abundance” 裕 Pinyin: yù. This simple but satisfying ink lesson depicts two goldfish at play. GLS014: Simple Ink Play:Goldfish Gift Lesson $6.95 or free with a purchase of $50 or more.

Simple Ink Play: Goldfish Gift Lesson

GLS014: Free with purchase of $50 or more or $6.95

When ordering online, type in GLSFREE into coupon code to get the lesson


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2018 Year of the Dog

February 16, 2018 - February 4, 2019

2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog. Most Feng-Sui practitioners agree that, in general, the year will be one of fundamental change both individually and collectively. Old habits will be questioned and new practices will emerge to replace them. This is an exciting general predictor for artists as it provides an opportunity to establish new habits that will fuel artistic development and inspiration. The stars are aligned, the wind is at your back. Time to use this aligned positive energy to produce exceptional work and more importantly, more joyful creative expression.


Chinese New Year Lessons

To express the spirit of the season, we’ve got two wonderful lessons to help you ring in the Chinese New Year. You’ve got plenty of time to practice these lessons for gifts, cards, and decorations to celebrate the New Year!

Fineline Dog Lesson - Yellow Lab Puppy

Ling Chi has come up with this adorably simple and wonderful yellow lab puppy lesson. The lesson will help you connect with the character traits of loyalty and trustworthiness associated with people born in the year of the dog!

Yellow Lab Puppy Fineline Lesson

WSF0009: $8.50

details | buy


Origins of Painting: Year of the Dog Calligraphy Lesson

This Calligraphy lesson covers the most popular and seasonally appropriate phrase “Happy New Year!” It also covers the Chinese word for dog in different styles and also evolves the actual character into a simple dog painting! A perfect New Year’s Lesson!

Origins of Painting: Happy New Year of the Dog Calligraphy Lesson

GLS042: $6.95

details | buy

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OASLife Update

We are very pleased with the response to the new pricing on We’d like to welcome all the new subscribers which include some totally new faces and a few we’ve known for many years! We’re continuing to push forward with expansion plans for OASLife.

This month's new release is Heavenly Bamboo. This step-by-step video lesson inspired from the painting and lesson in Ning's 108 Flower's Book 2. We picked this video for this month because Heavenly Bamboo is a popular plant to adorn shrines and to decorate rooms for Chinese New Year. This plant whose cultivation dates at least back to the Tang Dynasty is native to Southwestern China. During Chinese New Year trimmings are sold and used to festively decorate much in the way that Holly is used for Christmas in the West.

Visit us at to see the latest updates!

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Best Seller’s of 2017

In the days before the internet became the dominant way people found new businesses, OAS knew most of our customers personally. Most of them we met because they attended one of Ning Yeh’s classes or workshops and so it was much easier to assess their supply needs. Our catalog was also simpler then, with fewer choices of brushes, paper and accessories. Now we have so many customers all over the world, and even though we still know many personally, it becomes harder and harder to proactively recommend supplies to people based on our knowledge of their buying history.

This is why we like Best Seller’s lists. The OAS Best Seller’s list contains many iconic products that we feel almost all of our customers would find useful. However, it always surprises us how many people we’ve known for years and all of the a sudden we find out that they are missing a critically essential tool from our catalog. So make sure you have all the items on here that you may find useful. This list is filled with some of our best tools.

NEW Premium Artist Brush Set

Wait a minute?! How can a brand new product be a best seller? Could it be that we’ve taken these four perennially best selling brushes and packaged them in a set for value and convenience?

The set contains these four brushes: Happy Dot, Flow, Large Flow, and Orchid Bamboo.

These brushes have been so popular and trend-setting that many competitors are selling knock-offs using the same names. Don’t be fooled however, only OAS sells these brushes and only the OAS brushes carry the OAS level of quality, service and support!

Premium Artist Brush Set

PBSET01: $63.00 sale ($79 reg.)

Set contains Happy Dot Brush (H1C), Flow Brush (C2C), Large Flow Brush (C2D), and Medium Orchid Bamboo Brush (H2C)

details | buy

PRE-Series Introductory Brush Set

We’ve spent the better part of 4 decades searching for brushes that would deliver the OAS Brush experience at a price-point comfortable to someone on a budget.

This past year, our search came to an end, and boy were these a hit! Named exactly like their Premium Artist quality counterparts with the letters PRE before the name.

PRE Series Introductory Brush Set

PRESET01: $35.00 sale ($44 reg.)

Set contains PRE-Happy Dot Brush (H1PRC), PRE-Flow Brush (C2PRC), PRE-Large Flow Brush (C2PRD), and PRE-Orchid Bamboo Brush (H2PR)

details | buy


108 Flowers Set

When Ning first came up with the idea of 108 Flowers, he was noticing how many delightful Flowers there were that were relatively unknown as painting subjects.

All four books in the set contain strikingly beautiful yet accessible compositions that are framed with Ning’s usual easy to follow instructions and delightful story-telling context.

What a great late Christmas gift for yourself to buy the whole set or complete your set.

108 Flowers Books 1-4 Set

BKNY01-04: $96.00 sale ($120 reg.)

All four books sold as a set

details | buy

108 Flowers Books 1,2,3 or 4 Individually sold

BKNY01, 02, 03, 04: $24.00 sale ($29.95 reg.)

Each book in set sold individually

details | buy

Best Selling Video Title - Ning Yeh Reveals His Secrets

Chinese Flower Painting 1 Introduction

Our entire core product line is based off of things that Ning Yeh has found most useful for Chinese Painting. In this humbly titled video, Ning walks you through all the core materials putting each one in context and revealing tricks and tips to get the most out of each.

If you’ve ever been watching any of Ning’s videos and wondered about a technique or a piece of equipment or brush, most of the key things are covered in this dense, hour long video!

Chinese Flower Painting 1 Introduction DVD

DVD101-102: $16.99 sale ($36 reg.)

details | buy

Digital download on

DV101-102: $9.95 sale

details | buy


Practice Paper

We are very proud to have two different practice papers make the Best Seller’s list. That tells us that our customers are painting! When we started teaching and supplying students with materials, the foundational principle was: the best brushes and premium quality rice paper were essential elements to conveying the joy of brush painting to a brand new person.

Our practice paper’s are value priced but still have the essential qualities of premium paper. If lightning strikes during practice and a masterpiece is produced, either of these papers can be finished with traditional wet mounting.

OAS Practice Roll

Machine-made rice paper great for practice but also suitable for finished work.

P03: $12

18” x 50 feet in a continous roll

details | buy

P03A: $8

12” x 50 feet in a continous roll

details | buy

OAS Practice Shuen

Thicker, hand-made single shuen. Easier to control moisture than thinner single shuen. Great for practice but also suitable for finished work

P03B: $9.50

48 Sheets 9 1/4” x 13 1/4”

details | buy

P03BL: $25.00

48 Sheets 13 1/4” x 18”

details | buy

Bamboo leaves painted on OAS' new batch of Single Shuen. Notice the velvety texture, brilliant color and color variation especially within a single stroke.

Single Shuen (formerly Best Shuen)

We have a new batch of single shuen that is receiving high praise. We’ve received many compliments from new customers who’ve tried other single shuens saying that OAS Single Shuen is thicker and much more durable, while still preserving the qualities of color brilliance and velvety texture that people have come to expect in a single Shuen.

If you’ve been intimidated to try a Single Shuen before now, this is a great batch to try!

OAS Single Shuen Paper

P10: $22.40 sale ($28 reg.)

10 Sheets (27”x54”)

details | buy

P10P: $156.00 sale ($195 reg.)

100 Sheets (27”x54”)

details | buy

Large Dish Set

An invaluable accessory for working with colors. In particular, the Chinese Chip colors work and store well in these attractive stackable white porcelain dishes.

Large Stackable Porcelain Dish Set

CW30: $23

details | buy


Flower and Birds a Perspective by Yang Oshi

We remember leading our first tours to Asia and visiting with Master Yang and seeing her demonstrate her Flower and Bird Paintings. One of the few books not by Ning Yeh that offers step-by-step instruction. “Flower and Birds a Perspective” is a must-have for any brush painter.

Flower and Birds a Perspective

BK06: $30

157 pages, english

details | buy


Best Bottle Ink

A long-time OAS staple, Best Bottle Ink has a well deserved reputation for being the best ink for painting. This is due to its unmatched ability to show different levels of intensity and blend well with color.

Best Bottle Ink

I04: $15

details | buy

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