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Celebrating 2019 Year of the Pig New Year Pig Lessons and Red Shuen Paper Winter Solstic Celebration OAS Spring Workshops Fascinating World of Chinese Bird Painting 2019 Start Small, Go Big! Interesting Papers available in Cut Sheets Yin and Yang of Brushes: Core Small Brushes and Large Brushes OASLife Update Chinese Brush Painting Classes with Mayee Futterman

Celebrating 2019 Year of the Pig

By Evan Yeh

Smiling Pig Ink Painting on Feng Paper by Ning Yeh featured in GLS044 Smiling Pig Lesson.

The New Year is upon us. 2019 is here and officially the Chinese or Lunar New Year begins on February 5th. 2019 is the Year of the Pig. For those unfamiliar with the Chinese Zodiac, it contains 12 different animals and five associated elements. Depending on your birth year and its associated animal and element, feng-shui practitioners can help you identify key personality characteristics or predict your fortune for the coming year.

For those of you who, like me are skeptical that everyone born in the same year could have the same personality or horoscope predictions, feng-shui practitioners have also assign inner animals, true animals, and secret animals that map to the month, day, and hour you were born. The idea is the largest influence of of your personality is from the year, but the month, day, and hour you were born also have influence in descending order.

According to Feng Shui forecasters 2019, the Year of the Earth Pig actually completes a 12 year lunar calendar cycle so it becomes a year characterized by festivity, celebration and contemplation. Although these energies dominate, it is important to bring a sense of balance to them by exercising caution with financial decisions and keeping up with administrative tasks associated with everyday life.

The energy of introspection and contemplation is particularly valuable to us as artists as these provide us with an opportunity to discover what is inside us, and to direct these ideas, emotions, and truths towards endeavors of artistic expression.

It is so important that we remember that the primary purpose of art is expression. In that way, it is something that transcends judgement. If approached with this primary goal in mind, the practice of brush painting can be a wonderful, freeing activity that becomes an instrument for you to express who you are and who you are becoming!

Join the rest of the OAS Family and we dance our brushes into 2019 as a celebration of the end of a 12 year cycle, appreciating the things that have happened in this last cycle and setting new intentions for the coming cycle.

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Year of the Pig Lessons

When choosing a subject for Chinese Brush Painting you want a subject with a strong and distinct spirit. Such is the case with Pigs!

We've developed two different lessons in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Smiling Pig Lesson by Ning Yeh

This wonderful pig lesson is the embodiment of the essence of spontaneous style Chinese Brush Painting or sumi-e. A minimal number of strokes and ink are used to perfectly capture the spirit of this smiling pig.

Smiling Pig Gift Lesson by Ning Yeh

GLS044: Free with purchase of $50 or more or $6.95

When ordering online, type in GLSFREE into coupon code to get the lesson



Dreaming Pig Fineline Lesson by Ling Chi and JaShin

Delightful composition with Ling Chi's signature less cumbersome fineline style. Accessible and adorable.

Dreaming Pig Fineline Lesson by Ling Chi Yeh

WSF0010: $8.50



Red Shuen Paper

Perfect for this time of year. Great for calligraphy, ink subjects or even lighter or metallic colors like white, silver or gold. In Chinese culture Red is a symbolic color for good fortune and Joy.

Red Shuen Paper

P04RD: $17.50

5 Full Sheets 27"x54"


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Winter Solstice Celebration

By Evan Yeh

Portrait of Zhang Ji, famous Chinese Physician.

The Winter Solstice is the name given to the shortest day and consequently the longest night of the year. This astrological event is occasion for a significant celebration in Asia called 冬至 (dōngzhì). During this festival people will end work early so they can return home for lavish family meals. Each region of China will have traditional components of this meal based on specific geography. In the north, where winters are colder, you will see people eat dumplings or 餃子 (jiaozi). This tradition is traced back to 张机 (Zhang Ji) who was a writer, inventor and one of the preeminent physicians of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The story goes that Zhang Ji noticed the people suffering from frost bitten ears as the weather turned cold for winter. To combat this, he instructed that his apprentices make dumplings out of lamb and other ingredients and to serve them in a soup. The dumplings were effective and this work along with many other writings and innovation helped establish Zhang Ji as one of the founding fathers of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His thoughts regarding the importance of combating the effects of cold on the body are still considered to be the most relevant in that branch of Chinese Medicine. To this day, dumplings are still consumed as part of the Winter Solstice celebration especially in Northern China.

In Southern China, it is traditional to eat glutinous rice balls or 湯圓 (tāngyuán). These are often filled with a black sesame paste or other sweet fillings and served in a bowl of sugary liquid often flavored with ginger. Due to a clever coincidence in the Chinese language the name of this dish 湯圓 (tāngyuán) when spoken has a very similar sound as 團圓 (tuányuán) which literally means reunion or unity. For this reason, these round balls, served in round bowls for a family-oriented feast with a name that literally sounds like the word "reunion" possess great symbolic meaning for the season.

Here in the West, Winter is also a time of family togetherness, of rest, of renewal. Although family obligations can make the season seem hectic it is important that we take time to connect with the true appreciation of the Season's gifts of family and festivity and to express the inspiration in our art. Warm your heart and home this season with the flames of your artistic expression. No matter the weather outside, you can warm the house with your creative energy when you take the time to put brush and ink to paper.

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OAS Spring Workshops April 4th-7th

After starting the year with an OAS Open House and soon after an inspiring Winter Workshop, we have hit the new year with tremendous inspirational momentum!

We have a wonderful slate of subjects prepared for our Spring Workshop. Ling Chi will lead off with a day's worth of fineline style painting, followed by three days of spontaneous style with Ning.

The OAS Workshop experience is excellent for a traveling participant as Huntington Beach is a host city with beautiful weather and beaches. Finally, Ling Chi prepares some of the best home-cooked meals for lunch with delicious Chinese dishes prepared with a healthy California twist.

Entire 4 days is $520 or you can choose the fineline session for $120 or 3 days of Spontaneous style for $400. CALL 714-969-4470 to reserve your spot today!


Here are the subjects for the upcoming workshops

Thurs. 4/4: Fineline Calla Lilly with Ling Chi

Fr. 4/5: Spontaneous Purple Orchid with Ning Yeh

Sat. 4/6: Spontaneous Mountain Retreat with Ning Yeh

Sun. 4/7: Spontaneous Mimosa Lane with Ning Yeh


Spots are limited to the first ten people to enroll.
Call 714-969-4470 to reserve your spot or book online.

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Fascinating World of Chinese Bird Painting

By Evan Yeh

Birds are such fascinating animals. From the way that they build their nests to their various songs and calls, they are some of the most intriguing creatures in the animal kingdom. Now that we are experiencing winter, it is a good time to ponder one of the most iconic behaviors that we associate with birds. With winter here, we can observe birds making an important decision. Do we fly to warmer climates for the winter or do we stay put?

Even the same species of bird will make different decisions. For example the iconic Asian or Japanese Cranes in Hokkaido Japan will stay in Hokkaido year round. Meanwhile, the same species of bird on the mainland in Russia migrates in the fall over 1,300 miles to the coastal Jiangsu Province in China. I find it fascinating to observe parallels between human behavior and animal behavior. Among our OAS extended worldwide family we see hunkering down and receiving their supply shipments in winter weather and we see others "migrating" to warmer climates, taking their supply deliveries in places where the climate is milder.

Migrating japanese cranes on the left risk long travel to find warmer climates, while the same species of birds in Hokkaido Japan stay and frolic in the snow.

Another amazing thing about birds is the sheer number of species of birds and the tremendous variety of appearances and behaviors. From small flying birds like the simple sparrow or the more adorned bul bul to the water birds like the iconic Mandarin duck and the egret to the land bound birds like the golden pheasant to the magnificent peacock and finally prey birds like owls, hawks and eagles, it would be hard to find more diversity and intrigue in a group of animals.

Bird painting along with flowers and other natural subjects has a rich history in Chinese painting. As early as the 10th century you see historically significant Chinese artists begin to paint birds as some of their main subjects in both a meticulous and a more spontaneous style. Both the subject of birds and these two major styles are still relevant in modern Chinese painting.


Explore Chinese Bird Painting

Here are some wonderful resources for anyone to begin learning the fundamentals of Chinese Bird Painting.

100 Birds by Oshi Yang

Oshi Yang's books offer the most clear instruction of any book we carry not written by Ning Yeh. This book is a real treasure with sequential illustration for a large number of subjects.

100 Birds by Oshi Yang

BK08: $35.00

224 Pages, Chinese/English

details | buy


Bulbul Lesson by Ning Yeh

Lovely and surprisingly simple lesson by Ning Yeh for this full of character small bird. Lesson on Barley colored Shuen Paper

Bulbul Lesson by Ning Yeh

GLS050: $6.95

details | buy

Barley Shuen Paper

Wonderfully versatile colored shuen paper featured in Ning Yeh's Bulbul lesson. Lovely color warms up any composition!

Barley Shuen Paper 5 Full Sheets

P04BA: $15.00

5 Full Sheets 27"x54"

details | buy

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2019 Start Small and Go Big!

Start Small with Pre-cut Paper

Although our full sheets of paper offer good value and ample size for people wanting to paint larger compositions, many people find the convenience of our pre-cut papers invaluable. Here we want to highlight some of our pre-cut papers both well known and also more obscure.

P22S Artist Stationery

24 Sheets of our Pi Paper are conveniently cut into 8.5" x 11" size.

This paper is perfect for:

  • small landscape painting
  • painting in a looser, wetter style like the Ling-nan style
  • people who have difficulty with too much bleeding when they use raw shuen paper
  • Artist Stationery

    P22S: $6

    24 Cut Sheets 8.5" x 11"

    details | buy


    OAS will be releasing four new landscape lessons by Ning Yeh specifically designed for P22S Artist Stationery. The first is GLS046, Pine Lesson shown on the right.

Pine Lesson on Artist Stationery by Ning Yeh

This lovely, majestic pine tree composition lesson is both impressive and accessible. Done on 8.5"x11" OAS Artist Stationery, it is a perfect introduction lesson to Chinese Landscape Painting.

Pine Lesson on Artist Stationery by Ning Yeh

GLS046: $6.95

details | buy


Feng Paper

This newer precut machine made rice paper fills a very important niche. This paper is a wonderful, affordable, consistent paper that has better moisture control than other similarly priced papers. It is excellent for ink painting. Perfect for those who like OAS Practice Roll but would prefer even better moisture control.

Feng Paper 20 Cut Sheets

20 Cut Sheets (10 2/5" x 15 1/2")

PJ01B1: $8.00

details | buy

Feng Paper 100 Cut Sheets

100 Cut Sheets (10 2/5" x 15 1/2")

PJ01B2: $30.00

details | buy

Feng Paper 10 Full Sheets

10 Full Sheets (43" x 31")

PJ01B2: $35.00

details | buy

Smiling Pig Painting by Ning Yeh on Feng Paper featured in this month's Gift Lesson

Vintage Cut Double Shuen

We've found a vintage batch of double shuen paper pre-cut to a nice size. We reacquainted ourselves with this paper and find it wonderful for all sorts of subjects. Its powerful and vivid color display makes it especially good for flower studies.

Vintage Double Shuen 24 Cut Sheets

24 Cut Sheets 13 1/4" X 18"

P25BL: $24

details | buy

Poppy on Vintage Double Shuen by Ning Yeh

Double Shuen AO

This double shuen is known for showing color transparency and for allowing smooth delivery of strokes. Great for animal subjects or anything where color translucency is desirable.

Double Shuen AO 12 Cut Sheets

12 Cut Sheets 18" X 27"

P24A: $7

details | buy

Playmates Painting by Ning Yeh on Double Shuen AO


The Yin and Yang of Small Brushes

For the longest time, the Happy Dot brush has reigned supreme as the ultimately versatile small brush. But on either side, it has two very useful "partners in crime." For more stiffness and energy, we have the Mountain Horse Fine Brush and for more suppleness and nuance, we have the relatively new Small Double Happiness Brush. The three brushes together make a wonderful trio for all the specialized duties you may find for a smaller brush.

Mountain Horse Fine

Stiff bristles give this brush an incredible amount of energy for bouncy line or blade strokes or even textures by using a drier brush and "torturing" the tip.

Mountain Horse Fine Brush

Tip dimension: 1 3/16" x 3/16"

H2J: $14

details | buy

Happy Dot

Often imitated but never duplicated, the OAS Happy Dot has a well earned reputation as one of the most versatile small hard brushes. It does line and blade strokes effortlessly!

Happy Dot Brush

Tip dimension: 7/8" x 3/16"

H1C: $12

details | buy

Small Double Happiness

The newest addition to our core small brush lineup. It is like a tiny Flow Brush. Excellent for writing and small shapes and also great for lines as the softer bristles allow more nuance for turning and finishing lines.

Small Double Happiness Brush

Tip dimension: 13/16" x 3/16"

HSP04C : $15

details | buy


Go Big with OAS' Large Brushes

Painting small is delightful, practical and an easy place to start. But sometimes, you need a big brush. Whether you are working on a larger painting or need a brush to do larger strokes like the tail of a horse or a Lotus or Iris leaf, OAS has three wonderful larger brushes that are both treasures to own and a joy to use.

Super Flow Brush

The smallest of our large brushes, the Super Flow is the perfect size to cover most of the larger strokes you will want to do while still being practical enough to be used with frequency. Like all of our Flow Brushes, the Super Flow is an absolute pleasure to use with softer hairs surrounding a core of stiffer hairs. This large combination brush is a treasure!

OAS Super Flow

Tip dimension: 2 1/8" x 1/2"

C2E: $35

details | buy

Dragon Brush

The dragon brush is an extra large Mountain Horse Brush. It is a larger brush with stiffer hairs. Smaller Mountain Horse brushes are versatile brushes great for painting energetic lines, blades, and also textures. A larger mountain horse brush like the Dragon brush is even more versatile as the longer stiff hairs are a bit less feisty and easier to nuance than its smaller counterparts.

Dragon Brush

Tip dimension: 2 5/8" x 3/4"

H3: $75

details | buy

Phoenix Brush

Our largest brush. This Phoenix brush is indeed impressive and just what the doctor ordered for larger demonstrations or painting large strokes like lotus leaves or iris leaves. We had our brushmakers recently enhance this brush so it has more body and better control.

Phoenix Brush

Tip dimension: 2 1/8" x 1/2"

C8 : $90

details | buy


OASLife Update

Since our last newsletter, we released four new titles on That brings the running total to nearly 100 titles now available for live streaming on

The new releases are Cat 2 from Chinese Animal Painting and Hydrangea, Gourd, and Freesia all from 108 Flowers. For more information check out the slides below or go to to view free previews and sign up for a free two week trial.

Visit us at to see the latest updates!

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Chinese Brush Painting Classes with Mayee Futterman


There's a whole world out there to paint! Mayee Futterman continues her series of Saturday morning classes at Huntington Beach Art Center. In these lively and engaging 3-hour classes, Mayee guides students of all levels to explore the skills and techniques to produce a finished masterpiece!

Bringing decades of training, teaching experience, and artistic inspiration, Mayee's hands-on, step-by-step approach is a natural extension of Ning Yeh's classes while combining her own unique perspective and artistic sensibility. Check out the fun and exciting subjects Mayee will teach in her upcoming sessions!

All levels, 13 years old & up; Four Saturdays, 9:30AM - 12:30PM: $86; Walk-ins: $26/class

HBAC WINTER B Session (February 23, March 2, 9, & 16) only a few spots left

more info / register online

HBAC FREE CLASS (Saturday, April 13)

Learn to paint the adorable Giant Panda in this FREE CLASS.

Registration is required reserve your space!

Online registration begins March 5th on!


HBAC SPRING Session (April 27, May 4, June 1 & 8)

Explore so many techniques in just 4 weeks!

Online registration begins March 5th on!


MAY 18 & 19, 2019 (Saturday & Sunday), 9AM-5PM, Westwood Center

The creative process is rejuvenating and regenerative. The sensation of stroking the Chinese brush to rice paper is like no other. A fresh piece of rice paper is like the first day of Spring. Every brush stroke is loaded with joyful anticipation!

Join Mayee Futterman this Spring for two full days at UCLA Extension with two wonderful springtime themes: the ephemeral Sakura (Cherry Blossom) and the lush Banana.

Through hands-on, step-by-step studio instruction supplemented by web-enhanced materials, students will explore a variety of exciting techniques, brushes, and papers. Adults, all levels. No prior art experience needed!

more info / register online

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