OAS Teachers

OAS considers teachers very important partners in our efforts to share the joy of Chinese painting and culture. Chinese painting and calligraphy is an incredibly personally satisfying activity and the benefit is multiplied when people learn and paint in a group. Teachers are important facilitators of learning and community and we are here to support them.

Teacher Discount

We do offer teacher discounts. The minimum order size to qualify for a discount is $200. For details on how to qualify for teacher discounts, call us at 714-949-4470 or email us at

Tips for Teachers

Plan ahead

Many of the issues that we see teachers struggle with can be solved by proper planning. Contact us well in advance to the beginning of your class. Even better, contact us before the budget and price has been established for your class, and we may be able to help you envision the supplies your students will need and put together a "kit" of supplies that is best suited for the type of class your are wanting to teach.

Be Your Own Biggest Fan!

There are so many types of classes that can be beneficial to people wishing to learn this style of art. Some of our most successful teachers, teach some of the most basic classes. The most important tools of success for a teacher are: the desire to share the art form; and a positive, cheerful attitude. You can be a successful teacher and we are here to support you!

Invest in Your Training

OAS has started holding regular teacher training workshops. Our first one was a success with universally positive feedback from all attendees. Email us at , if you are interested in receiving information about the next OAS Teacher Workshop
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