Masters Teachers Collection by Chen Chien-yu

No. BK03
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223 pages, Chinese

Master Teacher's Collection contains an intriguing combination of completed works, color photographs, anatomical diagrams and sequential instruction. Explore 223 pages of beautiful paintings from the past to the present. Great for reference. The book divides into three sections, (1) Appreciation of Ancient Art - A look at ancient masterpieces in spontaneous and fine-line/meticulous style. (2) Tools of the Trade and Painting Techniques - A brief discussion of materials followed by techniques for rendering the traditional components of landscape painting (trees, rocks, foliage, cliffs, mountains, gorges, mists, clouds, water, pagodas, pavilions, huts, etc.) Live photographs and ancient renderings accompany every lesson. (3) Learn from Master Teachers - 23 masters share their painting methods by teaching subjects from their respective areas of expertise. Subjects include landscapes, flowers, birds, insects, animals and figures. Intelligently compiled for thorough education.

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