Beauty of Japanese Painting 1 by Takeuchi Seiho

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96 pages, Chinese/English

The Beauty of Japanese Painting contains the innovative work of Japanese artist Seiho Takeuchi (1864-1942). "This great Japanese master of the Meiji period not only established the poetic moods of Chinese scenery in Japanese style painting, but exerted formulative influence on the Chinese painters from Kuangtung who were to found the Ling-nan School" (Artbook Co. 1998). Seiho lived and studied painting in Japan, China and France where he integrated their respective styles into his own. The result is his unique blend of traditional Asian esthetic with modern (Western) interest in realism, psychology and perspective. Much of his acclaimed work resembles fine-line/meticulous style but at times becomes spontaneous, almost impressionistic in stroke and color. Inspirational.

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