Moon-shaped Fan by Yu Chung-lin

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ISBN: 9576722896

160 pages, Chinese/English

A book full of beautiful little treasures. Artist Yu Chung-lin specializes in spontaneous style insect, flower and bird painting. He crops his works in creative ways, capturing the essence of the subject while imparting his artistic view. This edition features the work on one page, with an enlarged area of interest from the work on the opposite page. Subjects include bees and peony, hwamei on cherry, java sparrow and peach, crested myna on wisteria, hill mynah on willow, white wagtail on lotus, hwamei on persimmon, hoopoe on Chinese juniper, yellow-throated bunting on plum, chinese white-eye on grapevine, daurian restart and rose, tree sparrows and bamboo, swallows and wisteria, tree sparrows on smoke tree, rustic bunting on white camellia, paradise flycatcher on pear, chicken and day lily, mandarin ducks and white lotus, mandarin ducks on willow, tree sparrow on sacred bamboo, tree sparrow on persimmon, rustic bunting on sacred bamboo, tree sparrows and wild grain, meadow bunting on camellia, Chinese bulbul on rangoon creeper, crested myna on pigeon-berry, coal tit on peach, robin on lichee, chinese bulbul on peony, chinese white-eye on garlic vine, paradise flycatcher an autumn leaves, red-crested cardinal on winter sweet, yellow-throated bunting on winter sweet, great tit on Chinese Trumpet Creeper, white wagtail and reedgrass, spotted-neck dove on bamboo, parakeet on peach, red-billed blue magpie on smoke tree, hill mynah and morning glory, hwamei on firmiana, black-naped oriole and willow, common quail and daisy, azure-winged magpie on willow, dove and daylily, hill mynah on star-cluster, black-naped oriole on willow, tree sparrows and bamboo, yellow-throated bunting on common cherry, black-naped oriole and china rose, duckling and reed, white wagtail and nonochorid, mallard and lotus, siberian rubythroat on autumn leaves, black bulbul on willow, yellow-throated bunting and winter sweet, praying mantis on purple bounty, chrysanthemum, bee and dahlia, bees and begonia, bees and taiwan moth orchid, night blooming cereus, dragonflies and white lotus, butterflies and dandelion, easter lily and rock, lotus, butterfly and feverfew, butterflies and green vegetable, plum blossoms and bamboo, butterfly and rose, butterflies and hibiscus, butterfly and white rangoon creeper, butterfly and begonia, white peony, peony and plum, red peony, red and white peony, butterfly and peony, butterflies and peony, ring-necked pheasants and autumn tree, white paradise flycatchers on pine, egrets and willow, Japanese cranes and mountain creeks, Japanese crane and pine, pheasant and bamboo forest, formosa blue magpie and pine, red-billed blue magpie and mountain creeks, spotted-necked dove and bamboo, mallard and reedgrass, oriole and willow, mallards in spring, mandarin ducks and willow, mandarin ducks and plum blossoms.

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