Magic of the Brush by Kai-Hsu & Catherine Woo

No. M109
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88 pages, English

An introductional reference book designed to teach the basic theories, principles, and practices of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Features graduated sequential instructions ranging from brush technique to composition. Subjects include (1) The Brushstroke, (2) Theory of Ch'I and Shen, (3) The Tao of Calligraphy and Painting, (4) The Importance of Emulating Masters, (5) Culturally Sanctioned Esthetic Values, (6) The Relationship Between Poetry and Painting, (7) Art and Artist Identification, (8) Chinese Color Theory and Practice, (9) Plum Blossoms, (10) Seal/Signature, (11) The Chrysanthemum Eater (Poem and Chrysanthemum Lesson), (12) What's in a Tree (Trees, Leaves, Branches, Poetry), (13) Landscapes, (14) Characteristics of Chinese Painting and (15) Chinese Art and Society. Text and titles in English.

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