Liu Yueh-Sheng: Selected Figur e Paintings

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78 pages, Chinese/English

Artist Liu Yueh-shing believes the best painter combines the skills of the ancient masters with the creativity of the new generation. While in his early career he learned technique by emulating ancient masters, he eventually cultivated his own seperate style. Liu's works can be classified into three stages: (1) His salute to the ancient Sung Period in which he paints in traditional style (as seen in his "Children at Play" and "To Fan.. Their Love?"), (2) His progression into modernity with line, form and color expression (as seen in "Braving the Stream" or "The Musician Has Arrived"), (3) His mature works that focus on mood and emotion (as seen in Inexpressible Determination and Inquiring of Nature). Gather inspiration from the works of this versatile artist.

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