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OAS has put together an Ultimate Artist Set featuring many of the materials Ning uses in his video and DVD Chinese Flower Painting 1: Introduction. This set is perfect for someone getting started with Brush Painting who has the budget to get started with a very ample selection of the finest materials. This set is also great for someone looking to upgrade from the Artist's Set.

Set includes: book: an Instructional Guide by Ning Yeh, DVD: Chinese Flower Painting 1: an Introduction; 6 brushes: Happy Dot, OAS Flow and Large Flow, Mt Horse Medium, Orchid Bamboo Large, 2.5" Wash brush; Colors: Chinese Yellow, Indigo, Red & Vermilion Chips; ink: OAS Best Bottle; Paper: 48 Sheets of Practice Shuen Large; accessories: Felt (color varies based on availability of inventory), Brush Roll, Porcelain Waterbowl, Large Porcelain Flower Plate, Large Stackable Dish Set, plastic jar with lid for yellow and a Fine Mist Spray Bottle.

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