Gong Bi "Fine Line" Set

No. SET03
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Mother and daughter team up to create one complete beginner's set making it easy to understand the meticulous style of Fine Line (Gong-bi).

Gong-bi as translated as labor brush uses size shuen paper allowing an artist to draw or outline their painting in ink with brush, then apply layer and layers of wash to achieve color variation.

The style strengthens your bone strokes from calligraphy and painting.

With such little information and isntructional material out there for Fine Line, this set as well as the lessons that follow have been received many compliments by both beginners as well as masters in the field of brush painting

Set includes: the Peony Fine Line Lesson, paper, 1 Red Feather S (H1F), 3 Fine Soft S (S1B), a sample bottle of Japanese Sumi-e Fine Line Ink (I15), Small cut sheets of Shimmer Shuen (P14B), 1/2 of a blossom palatte (BP2) and a small 12 color Chinese Maries Watercolor Set (CS01).
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