Chinese Brush Painting: Peony Video

  • Chinese Brush Painting: Peony DVD: 90 minutes
  • $40.00
  • Chinese Brush Painting: Peony "Flower" VHS: 30 minutes
  • $25.00 $12.50
  • Chinese Brush Painting: Peony "Leaves, Stems & Calyx" VHS: 30 minutes
  • $25.00 $12.50
  • Chinese Brush Painting: Peony "Composition" VHS: 30 minutes
  • $25.00 $12.50
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Learning to paint the elements of the peony will give every beginner the foundation to paint other flowers. This DVD contains 3 shows from Ning's Emmy award winning TV series: Part 1-Flower Petals; Part 2-Supporting Elements:Leaves, Calyx, Stem and Bud; Part 3-Composition-the grand finale!.

Ning demonstrates how to execute the flower, bud and stamen, how to execute the leaves and branches, and discusses the important attributes of composition: the balance between contrasts; construction (hosts and guests); flow, space, contour and depth. He embraces the principles of spontaneous style painting and expertly guides you through completing your floral masterpiece.

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