Chinese Brush Painting: Signature, Seal & Mounting Video

  • Chinese Brush Painting: Signature, Seal & Mounting DVD: one hour
  • $30.00 $15.00
  • Chinese Brush Painting: Signature & Seal VHS: 30 minutes
  • $25.00 $12.50

OAS Mounting Paste

No. M1A

Mounting Paste Applicator

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Learn all about authenticating your masterpieces, applying an artist seal & mood seals and mounting your paintings for framing!

This DVD contains 2 shows from Ning's Emmy award winning TV series: Part 1-Signature and Seals; Part 2-Mounting.

Ning discusses the significance and history of the seal and signature. He demonstrates how to use the seal pad and offers several seal and signature arrangements. Ning also discusses the tradition of mounting, the materials used and shares his special techniques for successful mounting.

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