Chinese Flower Painting 2: Pansy Video

  • Chinese Flower Painting 2: Pansy DVD: one hour
  • $36.00
  • Chinese Flower Painting 2: Pansy VHS: one hour
  • $35.00 $17.50
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With its joyful velvety petals that send tender loving to all, Pansy is an exquisite and very easy subject to do.

The composition for each of the subjects in this series is wonderfully bold. As always, Ning delivers step-by-step instruction with his signature charm and wit. This makes these truly dynamic compositions incredibly accessible to any level of artist, from pure beginner to accomplished master.

All lessons offer in-depth discussion and close-up details on every stroke, brush loading and color blending. They include enchanting tales on the background of the subject, valuable footage of the actual flower, and dream journeys to exotic places in China. They are informative, inspiring, entertaining. Most importantly, they will make you rediscover how much fun it is to learn!

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