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Using the signature, calligraphy, and seal as integral parts of composition in painting is uniquely Chinese. To authenticate and to show approval of his work, the artist uses a personal seal in red along with his signature ink.

In addition to the personal signature and seal, most traditional Chinese brush artists use seals to enhance their compositions.

OAS is proud to offer our patrons to the opportunity to have a Chinese name created for their masterpieces, as well as the service of having your Chinese name carved on a soapstone piece by an artist in China.

Artist Seals are traditionally carved as a square shaped positive imprint where the characters are in red with a background of white. However, we have found over the years some of our patrons deviate from traditions! Therefore, we also offer to carve your seal in the negative form where the characters are in white and the background is red. OAS offers two sizes in both options: Small, for those who paint approximately 14x18" or smaller is approximately 1/2 to 9/16" while our Medium, for those who paint 18" x 27" or larger is approximately 3/4."


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