Wong's Single Shuen

  • Wong's Single Shuen 10: 27" x 54" Sheets
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  • Wong's Single Shuen 100: 27" x 54" Sheets
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  • Wong's Single Shuen Sample: Approx. 8- 1/12" x 11" - 1 Sheet
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Shuen Paper (Xuan Paper) is the most popular paper in China among brush painters and calligraphers. It is the most sensitive of the rice papers, cheerfully displaying dynamic strokes and complex shade variations with translucent fluidity and original spontaneity.

We carry many variations of raw shuen paper, each with their own unique characteristics.

For those of you working within this medium for ten years or more, you've noticed the materials changes over the past ten years due to various resource changes in China. We have a treat. Dated twenty-five years, this paper will be favored by our advanced artists, calligraphers and those willing to accept the challenge of learning to master the absorbency sensitivities of a single shuen (xuan) paper. If you like quick delivery of strokes, try Wong's Single.

Its thin, delicate nature lends itself to beautiful color transitions showing gradations of light to dark seamlessly. See sample work using Wong's Single Shuen.

This paper is not recommended for those who do not like papers that run/bleeds fast.

Single Shuen is the most sensitive of all the Shuen papers and allows the best color variation to show, provided that you learn the skills to control your moisture and apply quick brushstrokes. Without these skills Single Shuen can be frustrating to work with. Too much water, grainy colors, sluggish strokes will all show. Experienced brush painters affectionately call Best Shuen "honest" paper because if you excel it will show your work proudly, if you struggle it will tell the tale.

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