Imperfect Shuen

Imperfect - Repurpose Shuen
No. P0498A
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12 Sheets of 18" x 27" shuen that is slightly thicker than a single shuen but thinner than a double. The paper paints beautifully and is a delight to work with. However, due to the packaging in the 90s, the paper has started to feather. Spots have developed on the edges and in some areas within the papers.

We hate to throw the paper away because we still think that it can serve as a great tool for beginners to practice moisture control, rather than using Newsprint that is a wholly different experience.

Many teachers still love the paper for their students to practice. We are offering imperfect shuen at a discounted price, so that you too can benefit.

If you like this paper and would like something for finished works, try OAS's Single Shuen (formerly Best Shuen). or OAS's smaller cut sheets of Practice Shuen.

Please note, this paper does not come wrapped. The sheets are loosely rolled. We will try to keep the paper protected when shipping in transit but it may or may not have any outside labeling or wrapper.

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