Bulbul Lesson by Ning Yeh

Simple lesson on painting a bird
No. GLS050
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Purpose/Use: Step-by-step diagram and explanation of color and ink of loading the brush to paint Ning Yeh's "Bulbul" lesson.
Material: paper booklet
Edition/Printed Language: English
No of papers: 8 pages
Overall Dimensions: 
11” x 8.5”, portrait orientation
Author/Artist: Ning Yeh
Additional Information: Ning suggests using a draft for the bulbul lesson. He uses Pi paper in most cases but you can also use newsprint if you have it.

Featured Materials

Wonderfully simple lesson with brush, colors and paper for anyone to complete this full of character small bird. Shown on barley shuen, this lesson showcase the beauty of Chinese painting on a colored shuen.

This lesson features the following OAS materials:



Paper(s): Step-by-step illustration is features OAS' Barley Colored Shuen paper and the optional use of Pi Paper for a draft to assist a beginner with the bird's anatomy promotion.

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