Autumn Leaves

Simple lesson on painting autumn leaves.
No. GLS043
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Purpose/Use: Step-by-step diagram and explanation of color loading the brush to paint an autumn leaves composition.
Material: paper booklet
Edition/Printed Language: English
No of papers: 8 pages
Overall Dimensions:
11” x 8.5”, landscape orientation
Author/Artist: LingChi Yeh
Additional Information:

Featured Materials

Wonderfully simple lesson with brush, colors and paper for anyone to get into the spirit of the season. This lesson can be both a wonderful way to introduce a new artist to essential color techniques while at the same time creating usable, frameable compositions that can be used as gifts, or cards or hung as a simple masterpiece on the wall.

This lesson features the following OAS materials:

Brush(es): OAS Large Flow

Color(s): OAS Ideal 12 Color Companion Set

Paper(s): Step-by-step illustration is features OAS' Dragon Cloud paper, but we also include examples on Dragon Cloud "Leaves", Butternut Gold Fleck Shuen, Imperfect Shuen and Barley Shuen.

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