Double Happiness Small

use for small calligraphy, lines, blade-like and small petal strokes

No. HSP04C
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Purpose/Use: Calligraphy, small/fine line brush, small calligraphy, petal like strokes that can have a point or rounder finish
Hair Group: mix hair, combination, traditionally sheep or goat, often referred to as skunk
Tip Resilience: semi-hard, soft but has bounce
Tip Dimensions:
13/16" x 3/16"
Overall Dimensions: 9-1/8" x 19/64"(excluding loop)

"Double Happiness" has a child! Just like its parent, this brush is mixed hair, with goat hair predominately in the makeup and dark stiffer bristles in its core. OAS sees it as a counterpart to our trademarked Happy Dot brush offering a softer application to our popular line brush. Calligraphers will gravitate to it for its ability to do smaller writing styles, but painters will enjoy its versatility to do smaller thick and thin lines and petals with a point such as the grass orchid flowers or the smallest of cherry and plum blossom flowers.


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