Landscape Lessons Book 1 by Ning Yeh

Step-by-step instructions to complete fourteen different landscape studies
  • Landscape Lessons Book 1 by Ning Yeh
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Purpose/Use: Step-by-step Chinese/Sumi-e landscape painting
Author/Artist: Ning Yeh
Number of Pages: 
Format: landscape, horizontal compositions
ISBN: 978-0-9618305-6-4
Additional Information: full color, 14 lessons/compostions

It's here!! Spanning close to four decades, Ning Yeh's LANDSCAPE LESSONS book series is an artist's record of countless dream journeys throughout scenic China. Be the first 100 to receive an autographed copy by the artist. BOOK 1, now available promises to be a valuable step-by-step instructional resource for art students, teachers, brush painters, and landscape artists.

Inside ...

Preface, Landscape Basics, Lesson 1 Fields, Lesson 2 Sunset, Lesson 3 Reflections, Lesson 4 Village, Lesson 5 Snow Scene, Lesson 6 Waterfalls, Lesson 7 West Lake Spring, Lesson 8 Garden, Lesson 9 Yellow Mountain, Lesson 10 Silk Road, Lesson 11 Cypress and Waterfalls, Lesson 12 Sunrise, Lesson 13 Valley, Lesson 14 Cherry Blossom Pagoda, About the Artist Ning Yeh

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