Painting Hanger

Painting Hanger
  • Painting Hanger: Practice Shuen Size
  • $16.00
  • Painting Hanger: Shikishi Standard Size
  • $14.00
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Start creating masterpieces because OAS' new product features a gorgeous way to display your smaller paintings you decide to give this holiday season! No mounting necessary, just make sure your painting fits. A plastic film keeps the painting flat and in place.

Painting Hangers

Each portfolio unfolds three portions and hangs just like a scroll but without the bulkiness of the dowels. Practice Shuen Size: outside dimensions measure approximately 32- 3/8" x 10- 3/8". We call it Practice Shuen Size Standard because if you take our Small Practice Shuen Size and trim just a little off the longest side, it fits nicely inside the plastic matting. We approximate the plastic insert area for your finished piece at 9- 1/4" x 13- 1/4". Shikishi Standard Size is fit primarily for the standard shikishi at portrait length. It was tailored for this display. The outside dimensions measures 32- 3/8" x 10- 3/8" and the inside plastic sleeve hosts the 9- 1/2" x 10- 3/4" Shikishi board.


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