Dragon Cloud Assorted Roll

Dragon Cloud Assorted Roll
No. PA50
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5: 27- 1/4" x 55- 1/4" Sheets"

OAS introduces three brand new shipments of Dragon Cloud. Dragon Cloud in Chinese is Yun-long. The paper is white, strong and semi-absorbent with course fibers intertwined throughout. The Chinese use the paper to yield dramatic results as the longer fibers create a paper with much strength to endure wet-on-wet techniques.

Beginners will love this paper for its forgiving nature to excess moisture, while advance artists will enjoy its strength to handle the play of multiple washes.

OAS brings in three variations: plain white that will soon replace our existing inventory, white with mini green leaves dispersed throughout and white with vermillion dried grass strands intermixed with the paper pulp. Give it a try in this new sampler.


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