Premium Artist Brush Set

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Our four most popular and essential Artist quality brushes assembled into a single brush set and sold at a discount. If you are unsure where to start but committed to having the best experience, you cannot go wrong with this brush set.

There are two harder brushes great for doing lines and two combination brushes excellent for painting shapes.

These brushes have become the signature symbol of OAS' dedication to authenticity, quality, accessibility and richness of experience.

Other online vendors try to sell different brushes under similar names. Make sure you are buying them from OAS or an authorized OAS Reseller.

The set contains 2 hard brushes that are great for painting lines or blades. These are the Happy Dot Brush (H1C) and the Orchid Bamboo Medium Brush (H2C). Additionally there are two combination brushes which are excellent for painting shapes or dots. These are the Flow Brush (C2C) and the Large Flow Brush (C2D).

All of these brushes are exclusive to OAS. Don't be fooled by other online shops selling brushes with similar names. Only OAS Brushes are hand selected by master artists and specifically chosen to give the best experience for those interested in Chinese Brush Painting.

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