Pre - Happy Dot

For lines, small strokes with a point for example grass, bamboo leaves, grass orchid flower
No. H1PR
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Purpose/Use: Budget friendly brush for lines, and strokes that start and end with a point such as grass, bamboo leaves, orchid flower petals
Hair Group:
traditionally wolf, weasel
Tip Resilience:
Tip Dimensions:
11/16" x 5/32"
Overall Dimensions: 9-1/4" x 5/32"

Additional Information: budget friendly alternative to OAS's Happy Dot, formerly the Plum Blossom. Included in the Introductory Pre Series Set

Traditionally made from a careful selection of wolf hairs, this petite brush offers similar versatility to our Happy Dot for our budget friendly in mind. It's small than our OAS Happy Dot and a bit softer, but can perform similar strokes and a little bit easier on the pocket book.

3/4" x 3/16"


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