Pre - OAS Large Flow

A budget friendly brush for large supple shapes like flower petals, lotus leaves, calligraphy lines and branchwork
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Purpose/Use: Budget friendly brush for larger supple shapes such as flower petals, lotus leaves, branches and calligraphy
Hair Group:
combination, soft goat on the outside and various dark bristles in the center such as traditional wolf/weasel and horse
Tip Resilience:
soft but keeps a tip
Tip Dimensions:
1- 7/8" x 13/32"
Overall Dimensions: 11" x 13/32"

Additional Information: budget friendly alternative to OAS's Large Flow. Included in the Introductory Pre Series Set

A budget friendly brush for beginners to get started that offers some versatility. It's outside soft hair bristles and stiffer core hair bristles provides the beginner with the ability to experience a brush whose intention is to do round and supple strokes such as flower petals, lotus leaves, branchwork, large shapes found in animals like the panda and a great starter brush for calligraphy. This brush was chosen as comparable to the OAS Large Flow but easier on the wallet!

Tip: 1 7/8" x 13/32"

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