Sakura White & Gold Set

Sakura White and Gold Set
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one 30 mL white, one 30 mL gold, six 9x13" black shuen

Sakura is the smoothest white and works wonders with all the other watercolors. But unless we do white flowers, we need to dilute the white with water into transparent condition (milk-like) to avoid opera-face-look on our painting.

This liquid paint allows itself to be diluted down to make a beautiful gold wash, but on its own is so concentrated and soft that the results can reveal intense and bold strokes on some of the darkest shuen papers on the market as well as layering effects on dark washes.

For a special promotional price, we package both jars of Sakura white and gold with six 9" x 13" cut sheets of OAS' black shuen. This is the best way to showcase the strength of Sakura.


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